The 52 North Broadway project is proposed for the former Good Counsel site in downtown White Plains. The development proposal calls for rezoning the property for redevelopment with a mix of residential uses to create complementary housing opportunities. On Jan. 27, 2020 we presented an alternative plan to what was originally proposed. The preferred alternative includes 232 senior-restricted, independent living units and 103 units of assisted-living units operated by one of the nation’s top senior care providers; 28 townhouses; and 48 workforce apartments.

The alternative to the previously proposed project that has been under review by the White Plains Common Council preserves the historic Good Counsel Chapel, the Mapleton House and the facade of the Good Counsel Convent. At the same time the preferred alternative maintains almost all of the campus’ 2.3-acre front lawn for community enjoyment.

For more than 100 years the 16.1 acre property has been exempt from real estate taxes, having been owned and operated by The Sisters of the Divine Compassion for educational and religious use. Since the property was sold in 2015 it has been on the tax rolls and generating significant tax revenue. Once the proposed residential community is developed it will provide substantial additional tax revenues to the city of White Plains and its school district.



Project Components

Workforce Rental Housing
  • 48 units of rental workforce housing 

  • Parking will be available under the building

  • Located behind the Good Counsel Convent facade

Low-Rise Townhouses
  • Located primarily along the southern and northern ends of the property, the two-story townhouses will have 28 units.
  • The townhouses will range in height from 25 to 30 feet
  • Parking will be next to the townhouses
Independent- and Assisted-Living Community
  • Located in the rear of the property, the age-restricted community will feature 232 units of independent living and 103 units/116 beds of assisted living
  • The community will be owned and operated by a nationally-renowned care provider for 35 years with approximately 300 communities in operation
  • The assisted living community fills an existing need in an under-served market